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Real Estate Terms



ACIR: It is the name given to the person who gives or wants to rent.

OPEN KITCHEN: It is the type of open kitchen where the living room and the kitchen or a room and the kitchen are intertwined in the same section.


ADA: It is the formation of the parcels formed by the zoning plans surrounded by certain roads.


Ordinary RENTAL: It is the contract where the lessor leaves the use of something to the lessee in return for a certain fee.


ADRENAS: It is the state of tension and tension that occurs without slipping.


AKAR: A property that generates income by renting.


CONTRACTING : It is the transaction subject to the issuance of official deed in which mutual declarations of the parties are received.

CONTRACTED TRANSACTIONS: These are the transactions made by issuing an official deed at the land registry office. Examples of transactions with sales, donations, divisions, contracts of care until death, mortgages and easement rights can be given. In Article 26 of the Land Registry Law, it is stated that an official deed will be issued at the land registry directorate for the establishment and transfer of property and real rights other than ownership. No official deed is drawn up for personal rights.

NON-CONTRACTING TRANSACTIONS: These are the transactions made in the land registry directorate with the unilateral will of the right holder or the owner, such as annotation, cancellation, correction, change, separation, merger, transfer of inheritance of personal rights that are not related to the establishment and transfer of real rights, which are outside of Article 26 of the Land Registry Law. For non-contractual transactions, a Registration Request Document is issued instead of an official deed.


PUBLICITY: Openness; state of being public.


INFRASTRUCTURE: The name given to all facilities such as water, electricity, sewerage and roads.


ANAGAYRİMENKUL: It is the name given to the whole of the immovable that is the subject of the condominium.


MAIN BUILDING: It is the main building part of the immovable that is the subject of the condominium.


MAIN REGISTERS: The main registers are the essential elements of the land registry and consist of: land registry, condominium registry, journal book and official documents.


BUILT-IN : It is a term and may differ according to occupations. For Carpenters, for example, it means: To be embedded in something.


BUILT-IN KITCHEN: The name given to the Cooker Hood and Oven set.


BUILT-IN VALVE & FAUCET: The design of the indoor unit of the faucet perpendicular to the shut-off valve.


ENTRANCE : The first part of a building or apartment that is entered, the entrance.


WAREHOUSE: It is the name given to the place, warehouse or warehouse where the commercial goods coming to the customs are placed and protected.


TURN-KEY DELIVERY: A form of contract that stipulates that all the materials and workmanship of a building are covered by the contractor and delivered to the owner completely finished.


APARTMENT FLAT: An apartment in a building that is large enough for one person or a family to live, consisting of several rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.


APPLICATION: It is to specify the corner points of the parcels on the cadastral maps again on the ground. It is the indication of the boundaries of the parcel on the ground.


LAND: It is the lump of land outside the residential areas and built roads.


LAND : It is the piece of land that has been completed after determining the use and construction order within the scope of the zoning plan. Another name for the plots is the zoning parcel.


LAND SHARE: It is the common ownership share of the land in the condominium, which is divided into independent sections according to the principle specified in the law.


IN KIND: It means related to the goods, related to the goods, related to the ownership of the goods, which can be claimed against everyone.


RIGHTS IN KIND: These are the rights that provide direct dominance of people over things and therefore can be asserted against everyone.


SEPARATE ORGANIZATION: The state of independent (separate) construction that is detached and not in contact with each other.



INDEPENDENT SECTION: Each of the sections of a building subject to independent ownership according to the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Law.


BAHÇEKENT: A satellite city surrounded by a piece of land devoted to agriculture, designed to provide a life in accordance with health and comfort conditions.


BALCONY: A place protruding from the upper floors of a building, surrounded by a railing in front and on the sides.


Suburb: A settlement located in the immediate vicinity of a large city.


BARAKA: A baseless, makeshift structure made with light materials such as wood, zinc, sheet metal.

BBQ: A stove, a type of barbecue, where meat or fish is grilled.


PRESSED : A flat or room with a ceiling height less than the usual dimensions.


BAYINDIR: The area or place that has been studied for its development and improvement, and to adapt the living conditions.


DECLARATION: These are the indications that show the legal status and fate of the immovable that has been processed in the special column in the land registry in order to enlighten, inform and especially warn third parties.


EXPERT : Dictionary meaning, a person whose opinion is consulted on matters whose analysis is based on private or scientific knowledge, expert, ehlihibre, ehlivukuf, appraiser.


ADDITIONAL ORGANIZATION: It is the building order that is adjacent to the adjacent parcel.


BLOKE CHECK: It is the type of check in which the payment is stopped by the drawer until the dispute is resolved.


BLOCK ORGANIZATION: It is a structure with a garden where a single building mass, whose facade length, depth and height is determined in the zoning plan or zoning regulation, sits on one or more parcels.


BONO: It means a commercial promissory note, a promissory note, subject to special formats and provisions, which includes a commitment to pay a certain amount to another person or his orders and transfers, at a specified time.


COMPLEMENTARY PART: The part that completes an item and does not separate from the original item without damaging it.



CURRENT : Applied; means in effect.


FACADE: Each of the faces of a building, especially the front.


PENAL CONDITION: Penalty condition means the condition of paying the damage of the creditor.


GENERATION REGISTRATION: It is the registration of an immovable property registered in the land registry, in another type of land registry, by changing its quality.


CUMBA: In old Turkish houses, most of them are caged.



ROOF FLOOR: The floor between the roof and the last normal floor in buildings.


DRAWING FLOOR: Smaller floor type than other floors built on the last floor in accordance with the requirements of the regulation and built by pulling back from the façade.


EXTENSION: It is the part of a building that protrudes from the upper floors of a building. The overhangs can be made open or closed according to the provisions of the legislation at the time the building was built. However, the overhangs must be located within the boundaries of the parcel.


BARE OWNERSHIP: Dry ownership means ownership over a property that is owned by someone else.



FLAT: It is called each of the sections made more than one under the same roof in the buildings.


DAM: The face of a building facing the sky.


DEKAR: It is 1,000 m2 and is 10 times the AR.


ZERO TO THE SEA: A building or land without any building or large piece of land between it and the sea.


MARINE TITLE: These title deeds recorded by cadastral measurement are stated in the land registry offices as an island map. The owners of the title deeds, which are stated as double property in the title deeds, appear to be both private individuals and the state. With the 12th article of the Fisheries Law made in 1971, Dalyan brings the condition of continuous use for title deeds.


DEPOSIT: The guarantee given against the damages that may arise due to a contract, means the security money deposited during a commitment.

DEGREE: The order in which the mortgages are registered. The superiority of mortgages over each other is determined not by date and journal numbers, but by the degree and order they occupy in the land registry. The superiority of mortgages over other rights is determined by date and journal number.


STATELIZATION: It means to appropriate the state for the public benefit, to operate by the state, to expropriate.


TIME SHARE : It is a place that is used by people in certain periods and transferred to other owners in a certain time.


TRANSFER: It is the process of transferring the ownership of a property to someone else.


Petition: The letter given to the relevant department is called. It is usually organized for the purpose of obtaining information, correcting an information or appealing.


NATURAL GAS: Hydrocarbon gas, which is extracted from the ground and used as fuel, with a heating value of 8900 kilocalories per cubic meter.


TURN: An ancient floor size of forty cubits in width and length, approximately 1000 m2.


DUPLEX: A two-storey residence with an internal staircase to the second floor.



PARENT BATH: It is the name given to the bathroom in the bedroom.


ECR-İ MISIL: Equivalent fee. It is the appraisal of the benefits arising from the use of a good in monetary terms.


ADD-ON: The general name given to the areas outside the independent section and allocated to that section.


EXPERTISE: The work of appraising a land or building according to certain criteria.


PROPERTY: The word real estate, which consists of property and property, is called the middle name of immovable goods such as house, land, vineyard, garden, field, and land.


REAL ESTATE: A person who mediates real estate and real estate trade. 


REAL ESTATE DECLARATION VALUE: According to the Property Tax Law, it is the value specified in the real estate declarations given to the municipalities by the immovable owner or shareholders during the general declaration periods.


REAL ESTATE DECLARATION: It is the document given to the municipalities in the region where they are affiliated, in return for a receipt, by proving that they are owned by individuals, institutions and institutions.


PROPERTY TAX: The subject is the building and the land, and it means the tax paid by the owner of this building or land, the owner of the usufruct, if both are not available, the person who saves as the owner, according to the rates specified in the law, based on the value of the building and the land.


EMSÂL: Comparison of the sale or rental price of a building or residence with its similar ones.


ASSOCIATION: Goods; means property.


WASH: Building debris, debris and rubble. It means the remnants of ancient animals.


WRAPPING COST: It is mentioned both in the law numbered 6306 on "transformation of areas under disaster risk" and in article 73 of the "Municipal Law" numbered 5393 (slums in areas where urban transformation project is implemented)". However, what the wreckage cost is is not disclosed in either law.


THRESHOLD: The entrance limit of the door. For example, the area where the marbles at the door entrance are located is called the door threshold.


EVKAF : It means foundations.


MARRIAGE UNION: It means a community of husband and wife.

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